CLASS ACTS It’s back-to-school time, and we asked celebs if they were ever hot for teacher. With apologies to Van Halen — and educators everywhere — here are their notes.

— CHRIS KLEIN (We Were Soldiers) ”Mrs. Deitch. Everybody wanted her chem class. She was young, blond, and also coached cross-country. When she’d be on the track, my buddies and I would go run.”

— ROSE McGOWAN (Charmed) ”All my teachers were female, and I’m not quite that way.”

— MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ (Blue Crush) ”My 24-year-old gym teacher at No. 8 School in Jersey City was so manly. I was in sixth grade and just starting to feel weird.”

— MAURA TIERNEY (ER) ”I had a crush on my horseback-riding teacher. His name was Carl and he was such a man. He rocked my world.”

— JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT ”The teacher from Head of the Class [Howard Hesseman].”

— TIM ALLEN ”My French teacher in my junior high school. Great legs.”

— ERIC McCORMACK (Will & Grace) ”Miss Walker in second grade. She looked like an astronaut’s wife. I saw her in the mall one day in jeans and told the class how hot she looked. She made me stand in the corner.”

— RICHARD SCHIFF (The West Wing) ”Mrs. Carson in fifth grade brought out the spirit in me. Mrs. McCann, this very good-looking blonde in the third grade, brought out other things in me.”

— CHINA SHAVERS (Boston Public) ”Mr. Big in the fifth grade in New York, PS 146. And yes, he was big. He looked like he cut lumber.”

— TOM GREEN ”Mr. Reader, my history teacher. One day I followed him and took pictures of him in the woods eating an Egg McMuffin.”




”There was a geography teacher who used to wear very short skirts, and we used to peer under her desk.” — American Idol judge SIMON COWELL, on whether he was ever hot for teacher