The inside scoop on the book world

MONEY TALKS His long-awaited first novel is about two guys trying to give money away, which — between funding his McSweeney’s literary journal, donating to cancer research, and running a youth center — seems to be pretty much how Dave Eggers has lived since striking it rich with A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius two years ago. But Eggers, who will self-publish his novel in the U.S. and has said that he doesn’t ”give a whoop about sales or money,” has raised eyebrows by hiring agent Andrew ”The Jackal” Wylie to rep McSweeney’s publications overseas. Wylie, rather famously, does give a whoop about money and has taken Eggers’ novel away from Picador (which published AHWOSG in Britain), thus breaking the verbal agreement that Eggers had made for the new book. You Shall Know Our Velocity will instead be published in the U.K. by higher bidder Hamish Hamilton/Penguin. ”Wylie said a verbal agreement wasn’t enough. He f — -ed [Picador]…basically,” says an agent with knowledge of the deal. (Wylie did not return a call seeking comment.) President of McSweeney’s Barb Bersche responds: ”The difference in the offers made by Picador and Penguin means we can publish new books, or give away 10 new scholarships, or make necessary improvements to our [youth center’s] writing lab.”

MEMOIRS OF A MOGUL He chased Mick Jagger around the globe to get his name on a contract, stood by Barbra Streisand as she had it out with then beau Jon Peters, and held Michael Jackson’s hand (figuratively, if not literally) as he reconfigured his face. And following a mid-six-figure bid by Broadway, Walter Yetnikoff, CBS Records’ prez from 1975 to 1990, is ready to spill all. Hyped in the proposal as ”Citizen Kane on coke,” the tentatively titled Over the Edge: Confessions of a Music Mogul in an Age of Excess will be ”a no-holds-barred account,” promises exec editor Charlie Conrad, who acquired the title for next fall.