When you think about it, celeb publicist Lizzie Grubman’s potential new digs at the Suffolk County Jail (she’ll likely serve 60 days for mowing down 16 people with her SUV in Southampton) isn’t unlike a night at Lot 61: a foreboding industrial space with lots of security teeming with bored women all dressed alike. Still, now that she’s part of the ”in-mates” crowd, surely Grubman could use a primer for the pokey. Here, a few tips:

— Change your last name to Borden. — Don’t offer to put anyone down as your ”plus one.” — Have Barbara Kopple make a documentary. — What not to take: a boxed set of Oz — Don’t declare prison-issue orange the new black…even though it looks fab with turquoise. — Do barter Jay-Z party passes for cigarettes. — Bring a reversible comforter. Get it? It works in reverse. — Don’t make a F U WHTRSH license plate.