Spin-offs, updated shows rate high in survey -- Plenty of folks know about ''CSI: Miami,'' ''Twilight Zone,'' and ''Family Affair,'' but whether they'll watch is a different story
Kim Delaney, David Caruso, ...
Credit: Kim Delaney and David Caruso: Tony Esparza/CBS

There’s nothing the TV audience likes better than a familiar name. Phone-survey tracking studies — which the networks use this time of year to measure viewer awareness of new shows — indicate that CBS’ ”CSI: Miami,” starring David Caruso and Kim Delaney, is the most recognizable new show on the fall schedule to fans. Other established brands, including UPN’s upcoming remake of ”The Twilight Zone” and The WB’s updated ”Family Affair,” are also generating high awareness levels.

Whether audiences actually tune in, though, is a different matter: A current network survey reveals that many folks know about NBC’s retro drama ”American Dreams” but few registered much intent to watch. The same goes for ABC’s miniseries spin-off ”Dinotopia” (apparently computer-generated pterodactyls aren’t as hot as they once were) and NBC’s cop drama ”Boomtown,” starring Jason Gedrick and Donnie Wahlberg.

Of course, network suits try not to put too much weight on the awareness survey. Admits one Big Four exec, ”They give you some indication of whether your promos are working, though it really doesn’t take competition into account.”

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