Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman
Credit: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: Fotos International/Munawar Hosain/Archive Photos/Newscom

The matchup between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

THE LOWDOWN It seemed too good to be true…and, it turns out, it was. Nearly 10 years after tying the knot and adopting two children together, this power couple decided it would be a mission impossible to stay together.

WE SAY Once Tom filed the divorce papers in February, the p.r. war began. Tom quickly fell into the arms of his ”Vanilla Sky” costar Penélope Cruz, while Nicole was photographed on solemn-looking walks with her sister and mother. Ultimately, she got her revenge in the form of a ”Moulin Rouge”-”The Others” one-two punch. It seems that being divorced from America’s biggest movie star gave Kidman’s career a bigger boost that being married to him.