Meet the seven roommates who moved to Sin City for ''The Real World Las Vegas,'' premiering Sept. 17 at 10 p.m.
The Real World
Credit: Real World Las Vegas: Rudy Archuleta

How do you top New York, L.A., and Chicago? Apparently, you go to Las Vegas — the setting for the 12th season of ”The Real World.” This time, seven camera-friendly roommates will share a three-bedroom penthouse, converted from six hotel rooms on the 28th floor of the Palms Resort and Casino. The sweet suite sports a bar (this is the first time the entire cast is of legal age) and such amenities as a centrally located shower with tinted glass, concealing portions of their bodies for privacy. Making things even less ”Real,” MTV hooks the roomies up with jobs that include bartender, go-go dancer, cocktail waitress, and club promoter. Here’s a chance to meet the newest cast members who snagged slots on the hit show. Viva Las Vegas!

Image credit: Arissa: Rudy Archuleta


AGE 22

FROM Boston, Mass.

WHAT SHE SAYS ”I’ve been working since I was 14. I know what it’s like to work.”

WHAT WE SAY Uh-oh, we may have another split-personality Tonya on our hands. When her roommates opt for a no-clothes policy in the hot tub, the seemingly innocent Arissa is shocked: ”I live with people who have no problem getting down in a jacuzzi with mad people watching!” Then again, while unpacking her suitcase, she pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Can there be more to her than meets the eye?

Image credit: Brynn: Rudy Archuleta


AGE 21

FROM Raymond, Wash.

WHAT SHE SAYS ”I’ve had sex with a girl,” Brynn reveals while the cast is naked, in the hot tub. ”It was fun.”

WHAT WE SAY In the tradition of blurred-bodied Aneesa, Brynn seems likely to get naked often enough to keep the editing team busy. This newly single housemate also resembles Aneesa’s Chicago roommate Cara. Here’s hoping Brynn — like Cara — faces her fear of being alone by bedding a rocker. But this time, please, not Big Head Todd.

Image credit: Frank: Rudy Archuleta


AGE 22

FROM Lewisberg, Penn.

WHAT HE SAYS ”I thought [the strip clubs] were beautiful. I’m just not into watching girls taking off their clothes. It seems too trashy for me.”

WHAT WE SAY Coming from a small town, Frank confesses, ”My hometown consists of cows, Amish people, and lots of people just like me.” His inexperience with women and his energetic personality are reminiscent of last season’s Chris, who was an alcoholic and a bartender. Kudos to Frank, who already seems to have perfected the ”look but don’t touch” technique.

Image credit: Alton: Rudy Archuleta


AGE 22

FROM San Diego, Calif.

WHAT HE SAYS Presenting himself as a savvy addition to the household, Alton is befuddled by his comparatively innocent male housemate: ”Frank has no game. I don’t know what’s up with that guy.”

WHAT WE SAY Get ready for a Navy brat, who (like Theo) knows how to fly under the radar to keep his love life private. He’s an avid rock climber, Rollerblader, and violinist. In terms of compatibility, the Vegas crew has hit the jackpot with this good-looking mama’s boy.

Image credit: Irulan: Rudy Archuleta


AGE 21

FROM Bronx, N.Y.

WHAT SHE SAYS ”I really like Alton. He seems really cool and polite. I enjoy spending time with him. I’m excited to get to know more about him.”

WHAT WE SAY She should take a hint from Chicago’s heartbroken Keri. Even though Irulan might find her bed awfully spacious without her boyfriend, Gabe (who has agreed that they can see other people for the time being), hooking up with housemates only makes for good television. Well, at least it’ll be fun to watch.

Image credit: Steven: Rudy Archuleta


AGE 24

FROM San Marcus, Tex.

WHAT HE SAYS ”If I’m hanging out with the guys I won’t be sticking my nose in places it doesn’t belong.”

WHAT WE SAY It’s not his nose we’re worried about. Like his perfectly coifed counterpart, Kyle, soon-to-be-divorced Steven says one thing and does another. This topless bartender at a gay bar happens to be straight — he lists beautiful women as his weakness but states in the first episode, ”I know that I’m not hooking up with anybody in the house.” His standards can’t be too high, since he claims to have slept with 30 women in the 6 months since he and his wife separated.

Image credit: Trishelle: Rudy Archuleta


AGE 21

FROM Cutoff, La.

WHAT SHE SAYS ”The good thing about coming from a small town is you become creative with what you do with your spare time.”

WHAT WE SAY After the death of her mother, a devout Christian, this small-town girl, then 14, turned in her Bible for more ”creative” ways to cope. Like Cara, she has a weakness for boys: ”I’m attracted to people who are really cute and nice, but not TOO nice! I want to meet someone and get my heart broken.” Sounds as if her heart’s not the only thing that could get broken in that apartment.

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