WWE will stage wrestlers' gay wedding. Hotpants-clad Billy and Chuck will affirm their commitment (before the cameras, at least) on Thursday's ''Smackdown''

Admit it — you’ve always wondered what was really going on among wrestlers, grappling in those tight costumes, showing off their well-oiled pecs, and pinning each other to the mat. Playing the subtext for all its worth, World Wrestling Entertainment will stage a gay wedding on this Thursday’s ”Smackdown” season premiere. The happy couple are hotpants-clad tag team champs Billy and Chuck, about whom rumors have swirled among WWE fans for some time.

”What we like to do in our genre is bring in issues that are out there in society that are topical and bring them into our storylines,” said Stephanie McMahon, WWE creative television director, to the New York Post. ”The issue is certainly topical,” said McMahon, daughter of WWE honchos Vince and Linda McMahon, noting the recent decision by the New York Times to print gay couples’ commitment-ceremony announcements in its weekly weddings section, as well as the new Bravo reality series ”Gay Weddings.”

Like much of what happens in the WWE, the wedding won’t be authentic. After all, the actors who play the two wrestlers, Chuck Palumbo and Monty Sopp, are both straight in real life. Said McMahon, ”This wedding is designed to be entertaining and garner viewers and do what we do best.” WWE shows certainly need to do something to attract viewers’ attention, as ratings for UPN’s ”Smackdown” and TNN’s ”Raw” have dropped as much as 20 percent in the last year, the Post reports.