Roddy on Chiara's bikini and why he's not Satan -- The latest ''Big Brother'' evictee tells which promise Danielle broke and who he thinks deserves to win
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As Danielle Reyes might say, the devil got his due. After a 3-0 vote, Roddy Mancuso became the seventh houseguest to leave CBS’ ”Big Brother” house. The day after his eviction, sat down with the 30-year-old budding screenwriter in Studio City, Calif., to talk about his ouster, his relationship with Chiara, and the unfortunate Lucifer moniker.

Why do you think the producers originally selected you? I think I came across as a bit arrogant. I didn’t know anything about the show, so when I started asking questions about it, I said my being on the show would be like Crocodile Dundee being on ”Survivor.”

What was your strategy? I know that being good or attempting to be good is the best I can do. I can do that better than lie, so why not go in with your A game? I did and I got voted out. What’s funny is I got voted out for the thing I was not doing. There’s definitely going to be a bit of ”Oh, my God, I can’t believe the kid was so nice” when somebody was calling me the devil.

How’d you react when you learned that Danielle was calling you the devil in the diary room? One person who I stuck up for an unbelievable amount was Danielle, and for her to go back there and call me the devil, it was just hurtful. I understand why she did it, but I can’t explain how awful I felt about that. No matter what happens, one day she’s gonna have to say, ”I called a really good man the devil for no reason.” Did I do something that I deserved to be called the devil? Did I lie about something? Did I act like a jerk? Not one bit. ”Kindness” and ”compassion” aren’t accurate words to describe Lucifer.

What happened with you and Chiara? I wasn’t hooking up with her. There never was even a tongue kiss. I kissed her on the side of her cheek one time and that was it. It was the worst extrapolation in the history of TV: showing me kissing Chiara. It was so not indicative of reality. To spend 24 hours with somebody locked up, and they’re walking around in a bikini nonstop for weeks and weeks. To kiss them on the cheek a couple times and to be portrayed as the two of you hooking up is flat-out untrue. I don’t know her, and she doesn’t know me. I know that makes good TV, but it was a relationship labeled externally by our time spent together.

Why’d you tell Chiara to lie about being Italian to your parents and instead say she’s from Denmark? I made more than one joke at the house. It’s also called dark humor. Why the f— would I care where she was from?

Danielle claims you lied about your deal with her. When I was head of household, I didn’t know Dani very well and I was going to put her on the block. We made a deal: If I keep you off the block, you owe me one when you become HOH. She said, ”Fine, my word is gold.” For her to say in the diary room that she never made that [promise], well, she can’t erase that.

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