Lil' Kim gets first starring role in a Western. The rap diva will be one of five women riding the range in ''Guns and Roses''
Lil' Kim
Credit: Lil Kim: Jennifer Graylock / Retna

Lil’ Kim may be from deep in the heart of Brooklyn, but according to the Hollywood Reporter, she’ll be riding the range in ”Guns and Roses.” No, it’s not a biopic about Axl, Slash, and Buckethead; it’s a Western about five women outlaws who form a posse to hunt down the killer of one of their colleagues. Think an African-American version of Drew Barrymore’s ”Bad Girls,” or maybe the ”Lady Marmalade” video on horseback.

Costars in the film, which just began shooting in Los Angeles, include LisaRaye (star of Ice Cube’s ”The Player’s Club”) and singer Bobby Brown, who had a small role in last year’s ”Two Can Play That Game.” Lil’ Kim (real name: Kimberly Jones) last appeared in a supporting role in this summer’s ”Juwanna Mann” as the title character’s gold-digging girlfriend. Note to Kim: Out on the trail, the elements can be pretty rough, so it’s best to wear more than a pasty or two.