Trading Spaces: TLC
September 06, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

Trading Spaces

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TLC’s home-decor hit ”Trading Spaces” is venturing into the heart of darkness: fraternity row! On Aug. 31, designer Doug Wilson and the sisters of UC Berkeley’s AO[pi] chapter made over the [delta]Y frat house. ”They didn’t even have shades,” marvels a sympathetic Genevieve Gorder, who worked with the boys to overhaul the sorority house. ”Mattresses were in front of the windows to block out the light.”

Wilson says he blew a third of his $1,000 budget on cleaning supplies: ”There was puke and rotten, stale beer. Everything went out the third-floor window, sofa and all.” Host Paige Davis says TV doesn’t do justice to the frat’s funk. ”This is when you need Smell-O-Vision,” she notes. ”The only thing not communicated was the stench.”

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