Papa Roach spells more PR trouble for Pepsi. A week after dropping endorser Ludacris for being a bad influence on kids, the cola maker finds itself in similar hot water over the raunchy behavior of the metal band

If Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly thinks former Pepsi spokesman Ludacris is a bad role model, what must he think of Papa Roach? The rap-metal band, who performed on this summer’s Anger Management tour, say they’ve put their raunchy behavior behind them, but a recent report says that they played a club date last month in which frontman Jacoby Shaddix urinated in a bottle, drank from it, then offered it to a female fan who chugged from it as well. Are these the guys Pepsi wants in ads for its new soft drink, Pepsi Blue?

Papa Roach were known for blue behavior in the past, having appeared on a Playboy website and in a porn film called ”Backstage Sluts 3.” ”That was so long ago, and we wish it never happened,” the artist formerly known as Coby Dick told the New York Daily News. The 2000 film shows the band pelting a naked woman with lunchmeat.

Not so long ago, on Aug. 14, the band performed at the Middle East nightclub in Cambridge, Mass. A posting on the band’s website reads, ”There was a very drunk girl in the front and I’m not sure what she told Jacoby, but I think it was something to the effect of ‘I will drink your p—,’ so he went to the right side of the stage, grabbed a Gatorade bottle, and tossed his junk through the mouth of the bottle. What followed was him adding to the ‘flavor’ then tossing back a good swig and then handing the bottle to the very willing lady; she took a swig, and decided it wasn’t so bad so she took another!” A band spokesman told that the woman drank so much of the cocktail that ”her friends had to yank it out of her hands.”

”It’s not true,” a Pepsi spokesman told the Daily News. ”It was not urine.” Gatorade, by the way, is also a Pepsi product.

O’Reilly, whose condemnation of Ludacris’ often profane lyrics on ”The O’Reilly Factor” last week sparked a barrage of anti-Ludacris consumer phone calls to Pepsi that led the company to drop the rapper’s ads just one day after the broadcast, told the Daily News he would look into the Papa Roach matter. ”If Pepsi hires some other geeks, we’ll take a look at them too,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ludacris finally broke his silence over being canned by Pepsi with a statement yesterday, saying, ”Recent conservative spectator opinions might have been the cause of my botched relationship with Pepsi, but understand, my message represents an ideology… that corporate and political forces can’t touch.” The Daily News reports that he’s pressing his cause by enlisting Michael Jackson’s pals, Johnnie Cochran and the Rev. Al Sharpton. Does this mean we can expect to see picketers with ”Pepsi=Satan” signs?