It's back-to-school time, and we asked celebs if they were ever hot for teacher. With apologies to Van Halen -- and educators everywhere -- here are their notes
Michelle Rodriguez
Credit: Michelle Rodriguez: Amy Graves/Globe Photos

CHRIS KLEIN (”We Were Soldiers”) ”Mrs. Deitch. Everybody wanted her chem class. She was young, blond, and also coached cross-country. When she’d be on the track, my buddies and I would go run.”

ROSE McGOWAN (”Charmed”) ”All my teachers were female, and I’m not quite that way.”

MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ (”Blue Crush”) ”My 24-year-old gym teacher at No. 8 School in Jersey City was so manly. I was in sixth grade and just starting to feel weird.”

MAURA TIERNEY (”ER”) ”I had a crush on my horseback-riding teacher. His name was Carl and he was such a man. He rocked my world.”

KEVIN SMITH ”Sister Anne Louise in the third grade.”

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT ”The teacher from ‘Head of the Class’ [Howard Hesseman].”

JA RULE ”My teachers were all old-lookin’ and ugly.”

TIM ALLEN ”My French teacher in my junior high school. Great legs.”

ERIC McCORMACK (”Will & Grace”) ”Miss Walker in second grade. She looked like an astronaut’s wife. I saw her in the mall one day in jeans and told the class how hot she looked. She made me stand in the corner.”

RICHARD SCHIFF (”The West Wing”) ”Mrs. Carson in fifth grade brought out the spirit in me. Mrs. McCann, this very good-looking blonde in the third grade, brought out other things in me.”

CHINA SHAVERS (”Boston Public”) ”Mr. Big in the fifth grade in New York, PS 146. And yes, he was big. He looked like he cut lumber.”

TOM GREEN ”Mr. Reader, my history teacher. One day I followed him and took pictures of him in the woods eating an Egg McMuffin.”