THE CAT’S MEOW Kirsten Dunst (Lions Gate, PG-13) Peter Bogdanovich’s take on an old Hollywood mystery makes for some good, pulpy fun. A-

IRIS Judi Dench (Miramax, R) This portrait of the relationship between writer Iris Murdoch and her husband is the stuff of real romance. B+

PULP FICTION: COLLECTOR’S EDITION John Travolta (Miramax, R, DVD) Tarantino’s opus is still the stuff movie-nerd dreams are made of. A


CHANGING LANES (Paramount, R) Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson get into a car accident. And then have a very, very bad day.

THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (Touchstone, PG-13) Guy Pearce and Jim Caviezel face off in a tale of revenge and swordplay. And they don’t even wear tights.

CQ (MGM, R) Director Roman Coppola’s tres chic film-within-a-film about an American director’s dog days in 1969 Paris. Say “oui” to ennui!

GREEN DRAGON (Columbia TriStar, PG-13) The Vietnam War as seen by a Vietnamese man who assimilates, under the eyes of Sgt. Patrick Swayze, into American life.

THE SALTON SEA (Warner, R) Val Kilmer is adrift in a sleazy underworld. When he meets noseless drug dealer Vincent D’Onofrio, things get even sleazier.