''The devil'' Roddy is gone -- so who'll win everything? Bruce Fretts weighs the long-term chances of the lush, the stylist, the sweet girl, the titan, and the virgin
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”The devil” Roddy is gone — so who’ll win everything?

Now that we know who won ”American Idol” (yay, Kelly!) it’s time to sit back, relax… and start obsessing over who’s going to win ”Big Brother 3.”

We know who it’s not going to be: Roddy, the alleged ”writer” from Morristown, N.J., who was evicted by a unanimous 3-0 vote on the Sept. 5 episode. The man whom Danielle dubbed ”the devil” somehow managed to convince his housemates that he was brilliant, despite his penchant for mixing metaphors (”talk about a nest of vipers — you’re the jackal of doing that,” he told Marcellas). Yet he couldn’t convince them to keep him around another week, even after he smarmily flirted with Amy, Lisa, and — yes — Marcellas.

So that leaves five. Who’s got the best shot of becoming a half-millionaire (before taxes, that is)? Let’s break it down.

AMY Call her the comeback kid. The Memphis belle has already been kicked out once, but she was voted back into the house and has surprisingly stayed (so much for ”Operation Revolving Door”). Now it seems her time is running out even faster than her liquor. Her boozing has proven a buzzkill to everybody who’s left in the game, including onetime best friend Marcellas, who likened his nomination of her last week to an intervention. Note that nobody else laughed when she fell out of the hammock — and nobody else consoled her when she wept after Roddy’s ouster. Chances are good next week will bring us another episode of ”Judging Amy,” and this time she’ll be found guilty and sentenced to permanent eviction.

MARCELLAS The stylist may soon go out of fashion, a victim of his own fickleness. Although he claims it’s for her own good, his harsh treatment of Amy could come back to haunt him. After all, she’s his closest ally in the house, and he’s practically chasing Amy out the door. He’s broken promises to other roomies (he told Roddy, ”I’m in” for an alliance, then claimed the deal hadn’t been ”cemented”). And after 60-plus days, his profound self-love (”I’m my own favorite conversationalist”) may wear thinner than his nonexistent hair.

LISA Guess she’s not so stupid. Her shocking vote against allowing sleeptalking bedmate Eric back in the house turns out to have been a masterstroke. Had he returned, she would’ve been seen as part of a power couple and targeted for removal, like Roddy and Chiara were. Instead, she’s repositioned herself as a sweet, low-key girl who doesn’t seem like a threat to anyone. Well-played, Lisa, well-played.

DANIELLE She emerged victorious in the ”clash of the titans” with Roddy, and amazingly, no one else seems to have caught on to her secret pact with Jason. That puts her in a strong position, except for one thing: She seems physically incapable of winning the head of household competition, which would earn her a much-needed week of immunity. She’s never been nominated for eviction, but at some point, people are going to have to turn on her. Which leads us to….

JASON And the meek shall inherit the earth. The virgin has played the game like an old pro, alienating no one while coolly calculating his next move behind closed doors. When the other housemates cast their final ballots to decide who’ll take home the half-mil, it’s hard to imagine anyone voting against Mr. Nice Guy. That is, unless his horridly messy new hairstyle turns everyone off. When a walking, talking fashion-don’t like ”BB3” host Julie Chen starts busting on your ‘do (”it’s very Greg Brady”), you know you’re in big trouble.

Who do you think will win ”Big Brother 3”?

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