Thanks to the Beach Boys, Greg Brady, and Jeff Spicoli, we all know a little surfer-speak — wipeout, dude, tubular. But Blue Crush’s buzzed-about board babes bring a new wave of surf words into pop-culture consciousness. Here, we decode their salty slang. — Jennifer Armstrong

Pipe or Pipeline The famous spot in Hawaii where Crush’s surf contest is set. ”It’s one of the best waves in the world,” says Isabelle Tihanyi, owner and founder of the Surf Diva school in La Jolla, Calif. ”It breaks in a total tubular fashion.” hold down When a wave crashes on your head and holds you under the water. morning sickness Choppy water that may improve later in the day. going off Perfect surfing conditions. overhead Measurement of a wave; roughly equal to a surfer’s average height. For instance, ”double overhead” equals the height of two people — 10-12 feet. clean How to describe a wave with a glassy, perfect peak. Barbie A wimpy girl. ”Surfer girls aspire to be so much more than those girls who lay out on the beach in their G-strings and play to the guys,” says Tihanyi. ”It’s not so much a surfer term as it is a general insult.”

Blue Crush
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