Wu-Tang Clan's RZA sued over alleged assault. Computer consultants say the rapper and his thugs beat them over the shutdown of the Wu website due to unpaid bills

Maybe everyone who uses a computer at work has had an urge to punch out the tech support folks, but Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA actually did it. So claims a lawsuit filed by two computer consultants, who say that the rapper and three unidentified ”John Does” assaulted them a year ago in a dispute over the Wu website.

In a suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, website designers Gibron Jones and Michael Bell say that the dispute arose last Sept. 5, when Internet service provider Verio shut down the rap crew’s website over nonpayment of the hosting bill. After arguing with RZA (real name: Robert Diggs) over whose responsibility it had been to pay the bill, RZA and his three associates ”did intentionally, willfully, maliciously and unjustifiably brutally assault, batter, strike and kick . . . their heads and bodies,” the suit says. The plaintiffs are seeking $10.5 million in damages.

Peter Frankel, RZA’s lawyer, says the suit is without merit, noting that the charges against his client had failed to stick in criminal court. Police investigating the allegation filed a criminal assault charge against the Staten Island rapper in November, but Frankel told the New York Daily News that prosecutors had dismissed the charge when they determined that Jones and Bell had doctored the photographs of themselves they had given to police to back their accusation. Said Frankel, ”This is just another example of people trying to get a payday.”