Liza Minnelli and David Gest arrange an adoption. Unfortunately, you won't get to see the 3-year-old girl on the couple's upcoming VH1 reality show

Forget those rumors that Liza Minnelli and David Gest’s marriage is a sham, and forget those stories that she’s sobbing in restaurants that it’s all over and he wants the ring back. Why, they’re so committed that they’re even starting a family, telling the New York Post that they’ve arranged an adoption. It’s something that Minnelli, 56, and Gest, 48, have been talking about since their lavish wedding in March, but it’s now apparently a done deal, with the tot set to arrive in January, the couple tells the Post.

”The baby’s a girl,” Gest said. ”Her name will be Serena,” said Minnelli. ”She’s American,” continued Gest. ”She’s Christian,” added Minnelli. ”She’s a little more than 3. Adoptions often take years but ours was only a four-month process. The situation was somebody who couldn’t provide for her.”

Little Serena would be the first child for both Gest and the four-times-married Minnelli. However, don’t expect to see the proud parents showing her off on ”Liza and David,” the VH1 celebrity-dinner-party series they’re hosting from their New York apartment, starting Nov. 3. ”The baby will not be seen anywhere. That’s our private world,” the couple said.