Bill Clinton dismisses talk-show talk. The former president says he's too busy doing humanitarian work, though he doesn't rule out a TV hosting gig in the distant future
Bill Clinton
Credit: Bill Clinton: John Barrett/ Globe Photos

Alas, we won’t get to watch Bill Clinton feeling talk show guests’ pain anytime soon. Despite talks in recent weeks with CBS, the former president said on Tuesday’s ”Larry King Live” that he’s deferring a possible talk show gig for the time being. ”I think I’ll leave that to you,” he told King.

Clinton said he was too busy with his humanitarian efforts to squeeze the daily grind of a talk show into his schedule. ”A lot of the work I do requires me to travel,” he said. ”You know, I’m going to Africa later this month. I’m going to India at the end of November. And I really believe I should always spend more than half my time on public service, so I just don’t see how I can do it.”

He didn’t rule out hosting such a show in the future, however. ”You know, maybe sometime later in my life I’d like to do it. It would be intriguing to me because I like to talk to people,” he said. Referring to Tuesday night’s fellow ”Larry King” guest, his 1996 opponent, former Sen. Bob Dole, Clinton said, ”I’d like to have Dole come on my show and tell me what I did wrong about things.”