''Survivor: Thailand'' adds a new twist. The show's execs are tight-lipped, but promise a season opener different from anything you've seen before

Survivor: Thailand
Credit: Survivor Thailand: CBS

Who can think ahead to that other reality show on CBS — ”Survivor: Thailand” — when ”Big Brother 3” is currently bringing down the Nielsen roof? Plenty of people, apparently. Fan websites are already buzzing about a cagey ”Survivor” promo that talks about ”new rules, new choices” in the fifth installment and features host Jeff Probst ordering the ”ladies on the left, men on the right.” Hmmm, is a tropical battle of the sexes planned for Thailand? CBS, as usual, won’t confirm or deny anything (”Everything will be explained when the show debuts Sept. 19,” drones a rep), but exec producer Mark Burnett guarantees ”a very, very different first act than you’ve ever seen before.” He adds, ”What would be the worst thing is if I didn’t change things around. Then the [castaways] would start to predict things and become comfortable psychologically because they’ve seen the show.” Let’s just hope there won’t be an immunity challenge to determine who can get in and out of the bathroom the quickest, or the ladies are doomed.

Survivor: Thailand
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