Tell us who you think will win ''Survivor: Thailand.'' As the castaways are picked off one by one, share your predictions -- and your hopes -- for who'll walk away a millionaire

Tell us who you think will win ”Survivor: Thailand”

The tribes have formed, the camps have been staked, and the bossiest castaway, as usual, has been efficiently booted. So now let’s get down to business: making predictions on whose torch will still be flickering when Mark Burnett coughs up the cool mil on ”Survivor: Thailand.” Will Shii Ann, the self-described she-devil, take the money wily style, à la Richard Hatch? How long can Clay last, walking around in that bathing suit? And what about sporty Stephanie, who already seems to be making friends and laying low? Let us know who you think is fit to be ”Thai”-ed this season — and who won’t make it past that inevitable stand-on-one-leg-for-hours challenge.

Survivor: Thailand
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