Stallone says (again) that he's planning ''Rambo IV.'' The 56-year-old action star says the time is right for a movie that combines action with politics

As President Bush prepares to go to war against Iraq, egged on by advisers from the Reagan era, another ’80s warrior may be coming out of retirement to fight America’s enemies: John Rambo. Sylvester Stallone said on Saturday that he hopes to return for a fourth installment as the commando. ”We’re talking about doing another ‘Rambo’ because I think it’s time to combine action with politics,” the 56-year-old actor said at the Deauville Film Festival. Speaking to, Stallone publicist Paul Bloch confirmed the actor’s remarks and his interest in starring in a possible ”Rambo IV.”

It’s not the first time in recent years that the long-hitless Stallone has talked about reviving one of his two blockbuster franchises. A couple years ago, there was talk of a ”Rambo IV” that would costar Jackie Chan. Last November, as American soldiers were fighting in Afghanistan against the same U.S.-trained forces alongside whom Stallone’s hero had battled the Soviets in 1988’s ”Rambo III,” Stallone was reported to be working on a new script idea for Rambo. In January, he told the London Mirror: ”What I did suggest was to have Rambo go into Afghanistan and rescue five girls.” He added, ”It would have been too much to have Rambo go in and kill Osama bin Laden, I suppose. It would be an insult to every military guy. This time I don’t see Rambo going it alone.”

Last winter, Dimension, the Miramax genre arm that keeps resurrecting the ”Halloween” movies, owned the rights to future movies in the ”Rambo” franchise. Two years ago, Dimension chief Bob Weinstein reportedly said he’d be thrilled to make another ”Rambo” movie. Asked to comment on Stallone’s recent remarks, a Dimension spokesperson had not responded by press time.

At Deauville, where he was promoting his romantic Mob drama ”Avenging Angelo,” Stallone told reporters, ”Eventually I’m going to do another action film.” As for whether that might involve reviving his other famous franchise, Stallone joked that he was probably too old to go another round as Rocky Balboa in a possible ”Rocky VI.” Said Stallone, ”Rocky is going to fight arthritis next.”