Steal the ''Sopranos'' women's style. From Carmela to her only daughter, we teach you how to be in their shoes
The Sopranos
Credit: Carmela: Anthony Neste; Adriana, Janice and Meadow: Barry Wetcher
James Gandolfini

Who needs the Bada Bing! girls when the Mafia gals themselves offer such a delicious assortment of era-defying femininity? We know you want to steal Carmela and Co.’s looks, so EW deconstructs their fashion statements.

HAIR Frosted tresses Aqua Net-ted within an inch of their life. A ‘do that keeps its shape even during those stressful my-husband’s-getting- indicted months.
MAKEUP Partial to subtle, beige hues that scream ”I donated money to an Ivy League college!”
ACCESSORIES Three or four 24k gold bracelets that offset a couple of décolletage-highlighting necklaces. And while a light-catching gold cross is everyday-wear, the bulbous sapphire rock Tony put on her finger after he took a ”ride” with a Mercedes saleswoman hasn’t gotten much hand time. And what goes with silk pajamas? A copy of ”Memoirs of a Geisha,” of course.
WARDROBE Beige brushed-silk blouse. Must fit to a T. Pressed jeans (none of this low-rise crap) cinched at the waist with a gold chain belt. By night, slacks, pleated.
SHOES Walking sneakers for fitness. Other than that, lady-who-lunches-and-has-that-second-glass-of-wine sensible heels.

HAIR Two-tone, moussed-up, hot-rollered curls in need of a major VO5 oil treatment.
MAKEUP Prune-colored lipstick heightens the drama of every thick-accented utterance. Raccoon eyes by night…and, come to think of it, day. Eyebrows — arched, tinted, and gelled to pointy perfection.
ACCESSORIES Snappy costume jewelry and snappy gum.
WARDROBE Think Madonna in ”Desperately Seeking Susan,” but update it with designer bodice-gripping camisoles. Her look says: Don’t be afraid to let it all hang out — even if you’re going to a funeral.
SHOES Jimmy Choo bitch clickers bought off the truck at wholesale by a chivalrous beau.

HAIR Naturally curly ringlets — hair products be damned!
MAKEUP If mascara is this girl’s best friend, then merlot-colored matte lipstick is her sister. But, never so much goop that it detracts attention from the Rolling Stones tongue tattooed on her bosom.
ACCESSORIES Appliquéd bangle bracelets; a cloud of pot smoke.
WARDROBE Flowy, batik peasant tops that were scored at an ashram. And a synthetic oversize tunic to stay warm. Stretch pants are a must.
SHOES Pointy-toed, post-hippie half-inch heels (no doubt with heavily padded insoles).

HAIR Long tousled-college-coed-sexpot chic. And though she brings her laundry home to Ma, she does appear to whip out the iron for her locks. Plus, she’s got a thing for those modern-gal-revisits-the-’60s headbands.
MAKEUP Natural beauty achieved through pancake makeup and nude lip gloss. However, when dating a Mafia up-and-comer, she’s not afraid to attend the Adriana School of Lavender Eye Shadow Application.
ACCESSORIES Besides a terminally bad attitude and a messenger bag jammed with art history books, the Meadow Look requires the requisite gold cross and Daddy’s Discover card.
WARDROBE For those awkward times when you plan to catch your boyfriend cheating, try putting your hair in braids and donning a powder blue parka. Doing E and dancing all night? Well, bring on the spandex!
FOOTWEAR Run the gamut from asexual wool socks to come-‘n’-get-it knee-high black leather boots.

James Gandolfini
The Sopranos
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