Punch-Drunk Love
Adam Sandler, Emily Watson, ...
Credit: Punch-Drunk Love: Bruce Birmelin

WHY WE CAN’T WAIT Another Adam Sandler pic about an immature social misfit with a wicked temper and a hankerin’ for pudding? (Remember ”I thought I was your Snack Pack”?) Yawn. But with ”Magnolia”’s Paul Thomas ”Don’t Call Me P.T.” Anderson directing, it’s a whole different — and slightly twisted — kind of story.

SOURCE MATERIAL The reality-based tale of a California man who earned frequent flyer miles (and a woman’s heart) by buying absurd amounts of pudding. And yes, it’s also based on the desire to make a real actor out of Sandler.

PLOT POINTERS Like with any Anderson pic, the performances are the big draw, not the story. Joining Sandler are Anderson regulars Luis Guzman and Philip Seymour Hoffman, as well as two-time Oscar nominee Emily Watson.

BURNING QUESTION Can Anderson bring Sandler instant credibility, as he previously did for Mark Wahlberg, né Marky Mark?

COME FOR The fact that you’re not likely to see any of Sandler’s staple fart, poop, or wiener jokes

STAY FOR Some explanation for the movie’s whacked-out, psychedelic trailers (on the official site)

Punch-Drunk Love
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  • 97 minutes