Big Ger is gone, but weird memories linger. After the schoolteacher's unanimous ouster, Amy become the main source of entertainment
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Big Ger is gone, but weird memories linger

This is why I love ”Big Brother.” Where else on the planet (outside of maybe a Fat Tuesdays) would people unanimously choose a drunk over a schoolteacher? Personally, I’m a little sorry to see Gerry go. Were his homemade t-shirts, Shakespeare quotes, and father figure attitude a bit grating? Sure, but he also was responsible for two of the best ”Big Brother” moments in history. Remember that scene of him tossing a salad after not washing his post-pee pee (or worse) hands? Truly fantastic stuff. That was only topped by that bizarre Gerry-Marcellas montage we were treated to on last Saturday’s episode. At first I thought the ”BB3” producers were perhaps needlessly making more out of it than it really was, but then that shot of Big Ger staring at Marcellas in the shower? What the hell was up with that? And let’s also not forget about that bizarre anti-snore sleep apparatus he sported.

So, from a purely entertainment standpoint, I’m gonna miss the guy, especially since he bothered to dress up for his eviction. Classy move, big guy. (Now get the hell out, because, as everybody knows, class has no place in the Big Brother house. Don’t believe me? Just take Lisa’s comment in the tearful goodbye montage. Nice of her to let bygones be bygones, eh?)

Of course, all that said, it’s also swell that Amy is still around, considering that she has the potential to get loaded pretty much any (make that every) night, and with any luck, she’ll have a few more worthwhile hissy fits. Anyway, with her boy Marcellas as the new head of household, she should be around for at least another week. Speaking of the head of household, what’s up with all these lame trivia challenges for HOH? Boring! Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought the purpose of this show was to get shameless exhibitionists naked as often as possible? So what are they doing sitting there clothed with their dorky red and black paddles when they could be in swimsuits doing… er, I don’t know, something in swimsuits?

Now I’m off to satisfy my sudden and mysterious Dunkin’ Donuts craving. Let’s just hope next week’s blatant product placement isn’t for more Citrona. I’m not sure Amy can handle it, and, well, neither can I.

What do you think of Gerry’s departure?

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