Matthew Perry, Elizabeth Hurley, ...

Serving Sara is an end-of-season, everything-must-go release that slaps Elizabeth Hurley and Matthew Perry together and prays against all hope that comic chemistry will ignite. It’s a synthetic cautionary tale about the limits of celebrity as an acting style.

Hurley, with puffed and glossed lips and boobs, plays the title character, whose rich, two-timing Texas cattle-ranching husband (Bruce Campbell) is trying to divorce her — and to cheat the apparently classy, faithful, beautiful gal out of the settlement she deserves. Matthew Perry is Joe, a process server who falls for Sara in the course of trying to deliver her walking papers. The movie itself is a cattle ranch full of joke droppings and mooing shtick not worth stepping in. (Cedric the Entertainer does one brand of antic apoplexy as Joe’s boss, while ”The Sopranos”’ Vincent Pastore does more as Joe’s competitive colleague.) And the few jaunty, ”Friends”-inflected lines Perry does get off are lost among the cow pies.

Serving Sara
  • Movie
  • 100 minutes