Robert Blake says he's had worse quarters than jail. In his first TV interview since his arrest on charges of his wife's murder, the actor tells Larry King he's sure he'll be acquitted
Robert Blake
Credit: Robert Blake: Harland Braun

If being jailed since April is depressing Robert Blake’s spirits, he’s not letting it show. In his first TV interview since his arrest in April on charges of killing his wife, Blake told Larry King on Saturday that he’s in ”infantry mode,” and that the ”cement wilderness” of the Los Angeles County Jail is not as bad as some of the dressing rooms he’s endured during his long career as an actor. He indicated optimism (saying, ”My glass is three-quarters full”) that he would be acquitted and return to acting.

Blake told King that, despite media reports, his six-month marriage to Bonny Lee Bakley wasn’t so terrible, and that, even though her explanation of her background changed ”every day,” he tried to make it work for the sake of their daughter, Rose. He said that he had no motive to kill Bakley, as he could have simply separated from her and taken custody of Rose if he had wanted to. Now two, Rose is scheduled to visit her father next week for the first time since his arrest.

Meanwhile, Judge Lloyd Nash has granted Blake’s attorney’s request for a delay in the preliminary hearing, postponing it until what the judge calls an unchangeable date of Nov. 13. The extra time gives the defense more time to study the prosecution’s evidence, which Blake lawyer Harland Braun says is full of indications (such as anonymous death threats) that someone other than Blake may have killed Bakley in May, 2001.