CBS plans reality version of ''Beverly Hillbillies.'' The network plans to find some real-life Clampetts and put them in a mansion for a year

Move over, Anna Nicole Smith. CBS wants to give some other hicks-gone-Hollywood their own reality show. Variety reports that the network is planning a reality version of one of the network’s cornerstones, ”The Beverly Hillbillies.” Tentatively titled ”The Real Beverly Hillbillies,” it would take a real-life rural family of modest means and transplant them into a Beverly Hills mansion for a year.

The show would be edited to play like a comedy, emphasizing the gap between the clan’s homegrown ways and the status-conscious culture of Beverly Hills. In other words, just like the classic Clampett family sitcom. Or like ”The Osbournes,” without the profanity.

CBS insists it’s not out to mock the yokels. ”The intent is to be respective but at the same time enjoy the humor that comes from the fish-out-of-water scenario of the show,” CBS vice president of alternative programming Ghen Maynard told Variety. ”We want a family who has a sense of humor about themselves.” In other words, auditioning families, be prepared to be made fun of. ”Imagine the episode where they have to interview maids,” Maynard said. And imagine all the critters making themselves at home around the cee-ment pond. Can’t wait for ”The Real Green Acres,” where they flip the concept and strand some city slickers out in the sticks for a year with Arnold the pig.

The Beverly Hillbillies
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