Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley, ...
Credit: Jackson & Presley: MTV


WHAT HAPPENED After being married for only three months, lovebirds Jackson and Presley kicked off the festivities at Radio City by welcoming the crowd. The twosome entered holding hands while the King of Pop told the audience, ”Just think, nobody thought this would last.” He then proceeded to plant a big, fat, weird wet one on the lips of the King’s only daughter.

WHY IT MATTERED The newlyweds were under much speculation from the press about the validity of their marriage. They even went so far as to appear together (quasi-nude) in Jackson’s ”You Are Not Alone” video. But after receiving little reaction, music’s weirdest couple decided to go for a major Public Display of Affection. Nonetheless, they called it quits less than two years later.

BEHIND THE SCENES Frattini: ”We were all surprised they would actually do it. We had come to them with the whole concept [including the kiss], but I’m sure Michael ad-libbed. We brought them in a private door and held them in a private area. We kept it very quiet. They came down, did their thing, and when that was over, they left.”