Madonna, MTV Video Music Awards
Credit: Madonna: MTV


WHAT HAPPENED MTV’s new awards show wouldn’t have been what it is today without an outrageous performance to set the precedent. Pre-”Sex”-crazed Madonna awed the audience by cavorting to her tongue-in-cheek song ”Like a Virgin.” Dressed in a risqué wedding gown, complete with white lace gloves and high-heeled pumps, she let the crowd see the garter-belt lingerie underneath her ensemble as she gyrated in seeming ecstasy around a giant wedding cake.

WHY IT MATTERED Well, like the lyric says, ”I’ve nothing to hide” — especially not when the show coincided with the release of her sophomore album, ”Like a Virgin.” The album’s rise to the top was the beginning of a successful career that included more than a dozen albums and plenty of awe-inspiring moments.

BEHIND THE SCENES Frattini wasn’t there, but Executive Editor Michael Small was: ”When Madonna started rolling around in that wedding dress, the place went nuts. It was so funny, sexy, and completely over the top. It felt as if we were witnessing something that people would talk about for a long time. Which turned out to be right.”