Howard Stern, MTV Video Music Awards 1992
Credit: Howard Stern: Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect


WHAT HAPPENED Flying onto the stage to present an award with ”90210”’s Luke Perry, the King of All Media was outfitted in a yellow spandex half shirt that read ”Fartman” across the chest, a red cape with the letter ”F” on the back, and yellow spandex pants with the butt cut out. He yelled to the crowd below, ”I’m Fartman. Behold, the most beautiful of sights, it is this.” Turning to reveal his naked rear, he asked, ”Is the camera getting a good shot of my beautiful ass? Look at it, touch it for power.” After a hesitant Perry touched it, Stern wanted to get more action so he called a female audience member onstage to do the same.

WHY IT MATTERED Well, it was a revealing moment. But the radio jockey wasn’t the first celeb to bare his butt at the VMAs. A year earlier during a performance of ”Get Off” with the New Power Generation, Prince turned around to show the butt holes cut out of the back of his unitard.

BEHIND THE SCENES Frattini: ”It was another one of those timely events. I think Stern’s somebody who doesn’t like to really talk about it that much anymore. He’s kind of like a new Howard now.”