Lil' Kim, Diana Ross, ...
Credit: Ross & Lil' Kim: David Drapkin/ImageDirect


WHAT HAPPENED Scantily clad Lil’ Kim, who was not known as an attention-getter at the time, caused a stir when she walked the red carpet wearing a purple wig and dressed in a purple sequined pantsuit, minus one half of her top. (Well, she WAS modest enough to cover her exposed breast with a matching purple pasty.) Later, when Mary J. Blige and Kim presented an award with Ross, Ross opted to greet Kim not by shaking her hand but by jiggling her breast.

WHY IT MATTERED Kim’s risqué attire turned out to be an eye opener. Since that revealing eve we’ve seen a whole other side of the pint-sized rapper, who is now known for sporting different colored wigs practically every day and outfits that range from lingerie to zipper-driven ensembles.

BEHIND THE SCENES Frattini: ”When Lil’ Kim showed up in that outfit, I remember watching her from the video truck and everyone was like, ‘Look at Lil’ Kim.’ Diana Ross did something that most people wanted to do.”