Madonna, Courtney Love, ...
Credit: Love & Madonna: MTV


WHAT HAPPENED While the Hole singer made her way down the red carpet she noticed Madonna perched above, conducting a live interview with MTV VJ Kurt Loder. In an attempt to catch Madonna’s eye (and get on camera) Love threw a compact from her purse. Not knowing what else to do, Loder invited her up, as she asked, ”Am I fully interruptus?” Love (outfitted in a miniskirt and lace top) continued on a tirade while Madonna suggested that Love was on something. Love then gave new meaning to the word ”bum-rush” when she fell off her chair headfirst while talking to Loder and VJ Tabitha Soren.

WHY IT MATTERED Loder admits, ”Madonna’s publicist started hissing that under no circumstances should Love be allowed to elbow her way in. But a producer was chortling into my ear that — in the interests of ‘good TV’ — that was exactly what we did have to do.”

BEHIND THE SCENES Frattini: ”The timing just couldn’t have been better. People were trying to hang on to Courtney, knowing that Madonna was up there live in this interview with Kurt. But Courtney started creating such a scene, she threw her shoe up there and that’s when Madonna looked over. I think one of the big concerns was Madonna. Did we aggravate her? Is she okay? Was she pissed? For the most part, the word back was that she had a sense of humor. She knew it wasn’t MTV, it was just Courtney being Courtney.”