Kim Cattrall will star in David Mamet's lesbian play -- She'll costar with Martha Plimpton in ''Boston Marriage'' Off Broadway

Kim Cattrall will spend her break from ”Sex and the City” by doing an all-female comedy about sex and another northeastern city. The buswoman’s holiday is David Mamet’s play ”Boston Marriage,” which Variety reports will make its New York premiere at Manhattan’s Public Theater in November.

Cattrall will costar with indie film actress Martha Plimpton as a 19th-century lesbian couple — in those days, the term ”Boston Marriage” was a euphemism referring to unmarried female couples living together. Cattrall’s role was played by Mamet regular Felicity Huffman when the play premiered in Boston (where else?) in 1999; Sharon Stone was in talks to play the part a couple years ago in a Broadway version that was never mounted.

Recent reports had Cattrall turning down a chance to take over the role of Mrs. Robinson in the Broadway production of ”The Graduate” from the departing Kathleen Turner, maybe because she feared people wouldn’t pay Broadway prices to see her nude when they can do so for much less on HBO. Still, she clearly wanted to hit the New York stage, as castmates Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon have done during their time between seasons of ”Sex.” Of course, both Parker and Nixon are working on their own Off Broadway productions this fall — they’re both pregnant.