Finally, Carrie deals with her Aidan breakup. Even when the ''Sex'' gang is on good behavior, their lives are still fun to watch, says Jessica Shaw
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Finally, Carrie deals with her Aidan breakup

Last week wasn’t a fluke. ”Sex and the City”’s slow-to-get-rolling season is turning out to be every bit as good as we could have hoped. Sure, there haven’t been any firehouse stripteases, gardener make-out sessions, or engagement ring returns, but after an episode like Sunday’s we don’t even miss the drama.

Is it possible that Carrie, Sam, Charlotte, and Miranda have become the four most stable women in Manhattan? They used to be antic addicts, but lately it seems as if everyone else on the island has lost it except for them. Miranda’s trying to be a good mom to the unbelievably adorable Brady, Samantha is coordinating hair appointments, Charlotte is fighting her evil ex-mother-in-law, while Carrie is worrying about her book reviews. Maybe these women aren’t so different from the rest of us, after all. Have they become — gasp — normal?

On second thought, most of us probably don’t have that much in common with Carrie: Heather Graham does NOT know how cruelly we dumped our last boyfriend, and few of us worry about what New York Times reviewer Michiko Kakutani thinks of our writing. Luckily, there are certain slices of life better left to the fabulous who can wear a green terry tube dress while attempting to justify breaking up with Aidan. In any case, it’s nice to know Carrie feels remorse. For the rest of us, last season’s relationship dismantling still delivers a sting. Remember Carrie in that white gown and Aiden in a tux with the fountain in the background, when they couldn’t break through the wall — literally and metaphorically? Well, this season it was looking as if Carrie didn’t even feel slightly haunted by the ghosts of boyfriends past. So it’s satisfying when she finally comes to terms with the whole situation…even if it’s because of a face made by that yenta Nina.

It’s also satisfying when Carrie finally gets called on some of her less-than-friendly behavior. Lately, she hasn’t exactly been there for Miranda and she dissed Sam at the book party. So Miranda, Samantha, and Stanford all put Carrie in her place, which only makes their friendships seem stronger and more authentic. Now if someone could’ve told her not to wear a green terry tube top dress, that would have been real friendship.

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