Britney falls for radio prank -- Montreal DJs pretending to be Celine Dion get Spears to agree to a charity duet with Tiger Woods
Britney Spears, Teen Choice Awards
Credit: Britney Spears: Kevin Winter/ImageDirect/Fox

Maybe she’s not that innocent, but Britney Spears was apparently gullible enough to be fooled by a phone call from a Montreal DJ named Marc Audette, who told the singer he was Celine Dion. Reuters reports that Audette and Sebastien Trudel, radio comics known in Quebec as the Masked Avengers, made Spears the latest celebrity victim of their practical jokes.

When Audette reached Spears earlier this month, he impersonated Dion and chatted with her about each woman’s charitable foundations. They also talked family; Spears asked after the health of Dion’s baby, and Audette said, ”Rene-Charles is exactly like his father, he has no hair. He really is a great baby. Having a baby change a woman a lot.” Spears replied, ”Right, right. I would totally love that.”

The faux Dion invited Spears to visit her club in Montreal, actually naming a notorious strip joint. ”We certainly won’t be distracted there,” Audette said. “Of course, Boy George won’t be invited, just to be sure.”

The point of the invitation was a charity event, which the ersatz Celine said was to feature numerous celebrities. ”Tiger Woods, one of my personal friends, just promised me he’s going to sing a very special song in duo with you and it’s going to be called ‘Let’s Make a Hole in One,”’ Audette told Spears. She replied, ”Oh, I would so be interested, oh my goodness, definitely. When do you all want to do it?”

Discussing the prank later with Reuters, Audette called Spears a good sport. ”She first had a little bit of an aggressive reaction but then she was laughing,” said Audette, who had pulled similar pranks on Bill Gates and various Canadian celebs. ”She didn’t even think it was a gag. I don’t know why. I think she was so impressed to speak to Celine Dion.”