Why are the fashion police after Bob Dylan? For no apparent reason, the legend donned a wig and a fake beard for his recent performance at the Newport Folk Festival
Bob Dylan
Credit: Bob Dylan: Dave Hansen/Newport Daily News/AP/ Wide World

Q What’s with Bob Dylan’s weird getup at the Newport Folk Festival?

A The answer’s tangled up. Dylan’s rep says the star wore a wig and fake beard for the Aug. 3 gig, his first at the Rhode Island fest since his notoriously booed 1965 set with an electric guitar. But the spokesman doesn’t know why. It had nothing to do with the upcoming indie flick ”Masked & Anonymous,” which wrapped July 17 with Dylan playing a short-tressed, washed-up country singer. Regardless, fashionistas haven’t been kind. ”He looks like a street person,” says Philip B., who has styled Charlize Theron and others. ”He doesn’t have to look like an ugly creature.” (Send queries to Burning Questions@ew.com.)