Ozzy battles Fox News over ''exclusive'' interview. He says pal Greta Van Susteren deceived him, airing her chat with him in violation of the family's agreement to talk to Barbara Walters first

Ozzy Osbourne may not have been the only weepy individual involved in that emotional interview with Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren that aired in part last night (the second part is set to air tonight). ABC’s Barbara Walters may be crying, too — according to published reports, she had made a deal with Sharon Osbourne to land the first TV interview with the family to be granted since Sharon’s announcement of her colon cancer in early July. The Osbournes’ lawyers reportedly threatened legal action against FNC Thurday if it aired the interview last night, but the channel issued a statement, saying, ”This claim is without merit. We plan on running the interview on ‘On the Record’ in its entirety.”

Ozzy’s lawyers sent a letter to Fox, claiming that Van Susteren, the Osbournes’ pal who had invited them to the White House Correspondents Dinner in May and introduced them to the president, conducted the interview ”under false pretenses.” They said Ozzy believed the occasion for the chat was the 25th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death. But the Fox folks said Ozzy himself brought up the tearful subject of his wife’s health. According to the Hollywood Reporter, FNC sent the Osbourne lawyers its own letter, saying that Ozzy had ”willingly and voluntarily” sat for a two-hour interview with Van Susteren, that he had agreed to speak ”without restrictions or parameters,” and that Fox had neither produced nor aired an Elvis anniversary show.

The New York Daily News quotes a source saying that Ozzy simply forgot that the family had a pre-existing agreement with Walters. ”Sharon was supposed to talk to Barbara next month,” the source told the Daily News. ”But Ozzy apparently didn’t remember that. Neither Walters nor the Osbourne family spokewoman have commented on the matter.