''Malcolm'''s Muniz dishes on the new season. The star of the Fox comedy talks about Lois and his character's new predicament
Frankie Muniz
Credit: Frankie Muniz:

How will ”Malcolm in the Middle” writers explain an enceinte Jane Kaczmarek’s full figure in season 4? Lois is preggers! But her delicate condition isn’t revealed soon enough for star Frankie Muniz. ”She’s pregnant now and you can see it,” says the actor. ”They’re not going to even say she’s pregnant until seven weeks later.” Meanwhile, Christopher Masterson’s Francis, who’s jumped from military school to an Alaskan logging camp, will land on a dude ranch.

Muniz spills another story line — and it stinks. ”It’s my first year of high school,” he says. ”I hear nobody [in the new school] likes me. Malcolm’s going to be really depressed. He doesn’t change his clothes or take a shower. He just doesn’t care anymore.” Just call him Malcolm in a muddle.

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