Groovy feelings abounded for Austin Powers’ Mike Myers and spy babe Beyonce Knowles (#664, July 26), but it’s another franchise, the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, that has captured readers’ imaginations. ”Maybe the current ‘cast’ system is not all it’s cracked up to be. Why not cast a fan? An open call would create hype for the movie and provide fresh faces for the brand. Besides, I’d like a crack at it!” says Elisha-John McIntyre of Berkley, Mich. ”How about That Thing You Do!’s Tom Everett Scott for Superman,” says Frederick, Md.’s Paula Hart. ”Better yet, why isn’t Smallville’s Tom Welling on this short list?” Meanwhile, Joan Rivers made a few readers’ lists herself. ”Joan Rivers is upset about Rosie O’Donnell making light of her in her stand-up routine?” asks San Diego’s Craig Best. ”Rivers deserves every single dig that is directed at her. This is what karma is all about.”

Super ‘Powers’

Your cover is truly groovy, baby. But crikey! What’s happened to Austin Powers’ teeth? Was the straightening and whitening another nefarious plot by Dr. Evil? Or did Mike Myers just forget them for the photo shoot? He just doesn’t look like Austin without them. ELIZABETH MILLS Knoxville, Tenn.

I wasn’t but four paragraphs into your article when I had to bolt to my computer to write you. Mentioning some of Goldmember’s high-caliber cameos, you really may have ruined the best part of this generally mediocre comedy. You should have ”zip(ped) it”! MELISSA ALGAZE Sherman Oaks, Calif.

In perusing your article on Mike Myers, I kept thinking ”Why don’t they mention 54? Why doesn’t anyone ever mention 54?” Well, glory be! You did! I remember being truly amazed at his performance in that movie and thought he didn’t get nearly the recognition he deserved. Although he has a unique way of making me laugh hysterically, he met the drama challenge and won in his role as Steve Rubell. Thanks for a great article about a man whom I can only describe as ”awesome, awesome, genius, awesome, genius”! KARIN ZERN Chariton, Iowa

Ford Focus

I loved your Harrison Ford article (”Ford: Explorer”), but how could you leave out the movie that contains one of his finest performances to date: the obsessed-inventor dad in The Mosquito Coast? MIKE WOLL Eau Claire, Wis.

You have Harrison Ford on hand to discuss a selected list of his movies, and you leave out The Mosquito Coast? Did the actor not want to discuss it, or is it simply a glaring oversight? Surely, if your lineup is going to include trifles like Force 10 From Navarone and Working Girl, you can ask Ford about the film featuring the best performance of his career. CLAUDE MERCURE Toronto

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ford was not as loquacious when it came to The Mosquito Coast, but here’s what he did share: ”It’s one of my favorites. I loved the character and the language of the novel and the script, and I had a really good time working with Peter Weir. It was a tough shoot. It was in the jungles of Belize and various other places, but I had a lot of fun.”