Director Spike Lee got game — but not enough to beat Billy Crystal in baseball. The two matched bats last month in Central Park in one of a series of games organized by the casts and crews of some New York-based productions. ”They beat us by one run,” sighs Barry Pepper, a stock trader in Lee’s Christmas-slated The 25th Hour. ”It was a matter of some contention.” Indeed, Crystal and Analyze That costar Robert De Niro weren’t the most gracious winners, Pepper maintains. ”At the end they started yelling ‘Analyze That! Analyze That!’ So we grabbed our crotches and started yelling ‘Analyze this! Analyze this!’ Billy and De Niro wouldn’t play us again. They wanted to bask in the glory.” But Pepper says Crystal, his director in 61*, made amends: ”I think Billy felt really bad about it, because the next day he hooked me up with some awesome Yankee tickets.” And Pepper’s losing streak was short-lived: ”We kicked Sex and the City’s ass.”