Bernie Mac dishes on his ''Charlie's Angels'' role -- The Emmy-nominated comedian joins ''The X-Files''' Robert Patrick as cast additions in the much-anticipated sequel
Lucy Liu, Bill Murray, ...
Credit: Charlie's Angels: Darren Michaels

Demi Moore isn’t the only fresh face who will appear in the now-shooting sequel to ”Charlie’s Angels.” ”The X-Files”’ Robert Patrick also makes a cameo. ”I play a U.S. marshal whom the girls rescue in the big opening scene,” says Patrick. ”I have Drew Barrymore holding me on one arm, Lucy Liu holding me on the other, and Cameron Diaz is beating up some guy in front of me. It involves some Mongolians, but I can’t say any more.”

Meanwhile, Emmy nominee Bernie Mac has been cast in the unlikely role of Bosley’s brother (subbing for an MIA Bill Murray): ”We’re brothers from a different mother,” explains the Fox star. ”[My character’s] a rookie coming in behind his brother who’s not really sure of himself and has to prove himself in the task the team’s about to take on.” Certainly sounds like ”Angel” food for thought.

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