Ozzy struggles to go on during Sharon's illness. In his first interview since his wife announced she was being treated for colon cancer, Ozzy talks of his dread and despair
Ozzy Osbourne
Credit: Ozzy Osbourne: Dave Hogan/Mission/WireImage.com

Ozzy Osbourne says he’s been crying so much since he found out in early July that wife Sharon has colon cancer that ”shares in Kleenex must have gone up tenfold.” In his first interview since Sharon’s announcement of her illness, the rocker says he’s tried to be positive, but it’s a struggle.

The interview is a returned favor to Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren, who took Ozzy and Sharon to the annual White House Correspondents Dinner in May and introduced them to President Bush. Airing in two parts tonight and tomorrow night on FNC, the interview shows Ozzy telling Van Susteren that he feared the other shoe would drop after the family’s success this spring with MTV’s reality show ”The Osbournes.” He says he remembers thinking, ”This is too good right now. We’re getting so much good stuff, nothing gets that high without coming down with a bang.”

The metal madman missed several dates headlining his Ozzfest tour to be by Sharon’s side during her treatment. ”It lasted a week because I was getting on Sharon’s nerves to the point where I’m going, ‘Are you OK, baby, do you need anything?’ and I’m crying ‘Oh my baby.”’ Finally, he says, she told him. ”You’re driving me nuts. Go back to where you belong.” But he says his performances haven’t been up to par because ”my spirit’s dead.”

After her third chemotherapy treatment last week, Sharon told the press, ”I’m so happy… I can kick anyone’s a– right now!” But Ozzy says he hasn’t been holding up as well. ”I’m falling apart more than she is, and people say to me, ‘Ozzy, you’ve got to be strong for Sharon.’ And I’m not Superman, you know.”