Bill Clinton revives talk show hopes. His people bring their proposal for a daytime chatfest, rejected earlier this year by NBC, to CBS and King World
Bill Clinton
Credit: Clinton: RJ Capak/

Is Bill Clinton going to be our Talk Show Host-in-Chief? The former president reportedly met with NBC executives in May about the prospect, which NBC quickly shot down. But now, trade reports say his representatives are in similar talks with syndication giant King World to air a Clinton daytime chatfest on CBS stations.

Likely producers, according to Variety, would be former King World exec Jules Haimovitz, now chief of Dick Clark Productions, and Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, Clinton’s Arkansas pals who produced ”Designing Women” and Clinton’s ”The Man From Hope” campaign documentary. They were in on the May discussions with NBC. One of the sticking points then was Clinton’s reported demand for $50 million up front. It’s not clear if he’s lowered his asking price since then. Also at issue is whether the still very busy ex-president could commit to a five-days-a-week taping schedule.

Variety describes the potential show as ”Oprah” meets ”Nightline.” Of course, to many, Clinton may seem more the ”Jerry Springer” type. Today’s topic: ”I Had an Affair With My Married Boss, and the Whole World Found Out.”