Michael Jackson
Credit: Michael Jackson: Sven Hoogerhuis/

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Michael Jackson
WHY Financial troubles may make his Neverland nevermore
MOST LIKELY TO Play the race card
WHY HE’S AN IDEAL ROOMMATE Brings his own petting zoo
WHY HE ISN’T 4 a.m. rants against Tommy ”Satan” Mottola

Calista Flockhart
WHY It would help put ”Ally McBeal” behind us
MOST LIKELY TO Hog the Confessional
WHY SHE’S AN IDEAL ROOMMATE Will never raid the refrigerator
WHY SHE ISN’T Might take over bedroom to make out with Harrison Ford

Tom Green
WHY After getting drunk on Leno, it’s this or rehab
MOST LIKELY TO Follow in Puck’s footsteps
WHY HE ISN’T Horse head in the community laundry hamper

The Backstreet Boys
WHY C’mon, what else do they have to do?
MOST LIKELY TO Sing in the shower…together
WHY THEY’RE IDEAL ROOMMATES Unlikely to attract annoying fans to the house
WHY THEY AREN’T Their ‘N Sync dart board