Lance Bass must pay up or stay on Earth. The Russian space agency gives him until Friday to come up with the $20 million shuttle ticket price
Lance Bass
Credit: Lance Bass: Evan Agostini/ImageDirect

If Lance Bass doesn’t cough up $20 million by Friday, he can say ”Bye, Bye, Bye” to his dream of space flight. That’s what the Russian space agency says, after weeks of complaining that Bass has missed deadlines to pay for his seat on this October’s shuttle to the international space station, the Associated Press reports.

Agency spokesman Konstantin Kreidenko told AP that Bass must pay for his ticket by Aug. 23 or be booted off the flight. The ‘N Sync star, currently training in Star City, Russia, for the Oct. 28 mission, plans to have his voyage documented in a documentary miniseries.

Producer David Krieff told AP that the TV show has three large corporate sponsors so far, including one soft drink company, who’ve put up between $5 and $15 million apiece. He’s blamed paperwork and bureaucratic red tape for the delay in transferring the funds. Specifically, he said he had received a copy of the contract only by e-mail and needed a paper copy before the transfer could proceed.

”In my mind it’s a lot of talk and posturing,” Krieff said last week about the Russian officials’ complaints. ”That is their style and I can appreciate it. This is 100% going forward.” Of Star City’s newest cosmonaut-in-training, Krieff said, ”He’s doing beautifully, he’s kicking butt in every way. He’s totally dedicated, and everybody loves him there.”