Patrick Stewart, Star Trek: Nemesis
Credit: Star Trek: Nemesis: Sam Emerson

”If this is the end of ‘The Next Generation,’ it?s actually a beautiful and appropriate ending,” says Stewart, reacting to rumors (fueled by the movie?s tag line: ”A Generation?s Final Journey Begins”) that this mission will be the last for Picard and Co. ”There is complete closure on ‘Next Generation’ in this movie.”

For ”TNG”?s fourth big-screen voyage, in which the Enterprise faces yet another threat from those pesky Romulans, Paramount hired a pair of ”Star Trek” rookies: ”Gladiator” screenwriter Logan and ”U.S. Marshals” director Baird. ”Sometimes it was an advantage, in taking a fresh approach, and sometimes someone had to step up and say, ?Um, that isn?t gonna work,?” Stewart says. ”More than once, [Baird] would actually refer to LeVar Burton?s character as an alien, which didn?t go down too well with LeVar.” Stewart also says fans can expect a legion of cameos from ”Deep Space Nine,” ”Voyager,” and ”Next Generation” familiar faces (although current ”Enterprise” captain Scott Bakula is missing from the credits), plus one top-secret spot for someone he would describe only as ”a very, very distinguished moviemaker and a ‘Next Generation’ fan.” But — sniff — is this really the end? ”It?s all about box office,” says Stewart. ”If we have a great first three days, they?ll immediately book another movie. There is a sequel just sitting there, begging to be made.”

THE LOWDOWN The Trekkie masses will no doubt love it, but unless this voyage pulls in some newcomers too, the ”Enterprise” could finally be headed for dry dock.

Star Trek: Nemesis
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