Carrie's book party revives the gang. The new season gets a boost from Carrie's new crush, Charlotte's sex scene, and other provocative plot twists, says Jessica Shaw
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Carrie’s book party revives the gang

Was it just me or did I hear a collective sigh of relief at 9:30 on Sunday night? Our beloved ”Sex and the City,” which seemed to be going closer to the dark side of ”Arli$$” mediocrity, is back! After several drab episodes, finally we got some sex, some fights, fabulous parties, and killer (and, of course, hilariously inappropriate) outfits.

Thankfully, there wasn’t any more of the ”we’re so happy to be single that we’ll prove it by bonding in our lameness.” Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda were more vibrant and alive this week in spite of their weaknesses. Carrie’s book party provided the perfect backdrop for boy, career, and friendship drama. Though I can’t imagine any book party on the planet being so lavish, I practically had to glue myself to the couch to keep from crawling into that TV set to try one of those mini-cakes and roam around that hot pink-swathed room.

I sort of wished the women had a little more bonding time at the party. Miranda was getting it on with Walker while Charlotte was glumly missing her new flame, Justin. Meanwhile, Carrie was downright mean to Samantha and ultimately didn’t have anyone else to hang with. Of course, all that alone time was a perfect opportunity for the tension-filled, awkward, strap-falling seconds with the gorgeously neurotic novelist Jack ”Of Hearts” Berger. Now, we know Ron Livingston (who plays Jack) will be back — even though he lives with his girlfriend, so what are we to think? Is Carrie going to be ”the other woman” like her idol Enid? Would any of her friends stand for that? Ultimately, Jack is a little too high-strung for her, but he sure would be a dreamy two-episode arc.

Now that things are really getting good, it’s all the more annoying that the season is being cut short for Sarah Jessica’s pregnancy (although there’s a limit to how long we can watch her holding plus-sized magazines like Hello! in front of her belly). I want more post-baby sex for Miranda. I want Charlotte to take that Chanel-clad Wicked Witch of the East Side Bunny to court. I want Samantha to throw more fabulous fashionista and socialista parties that we can attend vicariously. And I definitely want to see Carrie have a fling with a writer who can go head to head with her on oh-so-cute one-liners. If next week continues on this momentum, we’re in for some major late-summer heat.

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