Tim Allen, The Santa Clause 2
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When Disney started talking about a follow-up to 1994’s ”The Santa Clause,” Allen wasn’t interested. ”I didn’t want to do a sequel,” says the actor who plays the suburban dad-turned-Father Christmas. ”I thought we had finished [the story and] I worried about cheesing it up. I really fought hard for eight years not to make it.” Eventually, he changed his mind, realizing that maybe there was more to tell about the North Pole without ”messing with” the original. After several rewrites and a stalled production (former Disney Studios chairman Peter Schneider pulled the plug before he left in June 2001; his replacement, Dick Cook, restarted the project), Santa and his posse got to work in a 90,000-square-foot elf village in Vancouver.

Though Allen is loath to go into any plot detail (”We’re talking about Santa Claus here — the more we talk about the film, the less magical it is”), he admits the jolly red-suited one experiences both a mysterious weight loss and the shock of his own son (Lloyd) appearing on the Naughty List. Allen is not shy, however, about one key point. ”It will not replace the sweetness, surprise, and simplicity of the first one. It’s just an expanded, bigger, funnier, more colorful, more touching version.” And what are his expectations for the film, given its harried development? ”If nothing else, I’m damn proud of how beautiful it looks.”

THE LOWDOWN That toy-filled sled could well rescue Allen from a string of recent flops.

The Santa Clause 2
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