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Credit: Swept Away: Daniel Smith

The 1974 original ”Swept Away,” about a spoiled woman tamed by a macho fisherman after they’re marooned on an island, gave Italian director Lina Wertmuller a hit. Will this remake do the same for director Guy Ritchie and his wife, whom he’s cast in a taming-of-the-shrew scenario that already seemed retro 30 years ago? ”That’s the reason I was drawn to it,” he says. ”It’s the kind of movie people say you can’t make…in a politically correct climate.”

The film, which Ritchie calls ”not expensive” (though it’s evidently closer to his $7 million ”Snatch” than his $1.5 million ”Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”), features a musical-fantasy sequence in which Madonna lip-synchs Desiree’s cover of the ’50s Rosemary Clooney song ”Come On-a My House.” But early viewers, Ritchie reports, couldn’t stand the scenes in which Madonna and Adriano Giannini (son of Giancarlo, star of the original film) slap each other around, so he ”tweaked” some of the action. Yet with the slaps, there’s tickle: The two fall deeply in love. So — any nudity? ”There’s a bit of snoggin’ and a bit of shaggin’ in the moonlight,” Ritchie says. ”But there’s nothing that’s conspicuous.”

THE LOWDOWN Madonna’s been searching for years for the project that will make her a movie star. That search may have to continue.

Swept Away
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