By Gillian Flynn
Updated August 16, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

How to make webmaster Tobey Maguire look like he’s crawling up a building? Director Sam Raimi had two demands: that Spidey’s moves look like they were ripped from the pages of the comic and that the camera stay with him. ”We came up with the idea that Spider-Man has his own stunt cameraman, much [like] if you watch a skydiving competition,” says John Dykstra, the visual-effects designer. ”We thought the camera should follow him up the wall.” before With Raimi’s edicts in mind, the Sony Pictures Imageworks team decided the shot should be completely unreal, so they created a CG character with moves Maguire couldn’t pull off. The buildings and background had to be CG also, says Dykstra, ”to have the [camera work] be as flexible as the character. We simply couldn’t move the camera that way in the real world.” AFTER A CG Spidey has been created, within a CG city — with Maguire’s CG mug. ”We had to make Tobey’s face, which is tricky,” says Dykstra. In other shots, Maguire’s face is ”pasted” onto a CG body. In this shot, the team scanned the actor’s visage, recording his skin’s texture and color. ”We project the images of the face onto a three-dimensional model, and we stitch them together so they become seamless.”